"Hurts Em All"

Personal Website of Designer / Fabricator Tim Baillie


1993 Western Regional's

Sacramento, CA

1992 Foss Car Audio

Tacoma, WA

1993 IASCA World Finals

Tulsa, OK

1993 IASCA World Finals

Road Trip

1994 A&B Sound "Plaza of Nations"

Sound Off

1997 IASCA Western Regional's

1998 IASCA World Finals

HzEmall Team Transport

Four or Five of us would split the cost of a rental car at Finals so we could still get around without having to drive our competition vehicles for the 4 or 5 days we would be at Finals. We would spend all year gathering up decals just for our Finals rental car. We would always use a credit card that had free rental car insurance on it so that we could have the most "Fun" with them.

1999 IASCA World Finals

1998 IASCA World Finals

1997 IASCA World Finals

1997 IASCA World Finals