"Hurts Em All"

Personal Website of Designer / Fabricator Tim Baillie


HzEmall (Hurts them all) was started in 1993 at the IASCA Western Regional's in Sacramento, CA. We had all travelled to the event as individuals or small groups from BC and WA. We had been to shows and competed with one another for a couple of years but had never really hung out with one another. At Sacramento the group of people did really well at the event, including beating several well known California big names. We got together for a photo since we were all from the same area. Andy Oxenhorn from then MB Quart (who I knew from being on Team Quart) took a picture of the group as there were a few of the cars that ran Quart and he commented that "You really hurt them all by coming down here to compete".

We went our separate ways back home and the following week at a single point even at a shop called Nuts About Hi Fi in Silverdale, WA Scot Barton and Kevin Truedson showed up with "The HzEmall Crew" decals for everyone who at been in Sacramento. From there it just took off. The current logo is the same one used from the very beginning back in 1993. Over the years people came and went on the team but we always travelled to events together, we partied together, and we won and lost together. In the late 90's I started HzEmall.com as a place for team members to showcase their cars. The internet was so new and it gave us a place to once again kind of hang out. In the early 2000's people were selling their cars and I was using the site more to promote my installation abilities as a online Resume`. Eventually the site was very well known and it was just being used for only my work now.

In 2005 I decided to make the leap into owning my own shop and I tossed several idea's around for a shop name but it always came back to calling it HzEmall. The site was already well known locally and around the country. I was known as HzEmall on all the forums I frequented so instead of starting from scratch with a different name it just made sense to keep moving forward and HzEmall Customs was born. As my shop grew and switched directions I was going further and further away from Car Audio and the Hot Rod and Vehicle Outfitting clients were not understanding the name at all so in 2010 I moved away from HzEmall Customs to HzEmall's Hotrod Garage to transition the name change and then finally to The Hotrod Garage. When I closed my shop in 2012 due to a nasty divorce, I walked away from both the Hotrod and Car Audio industry. In 2014 I decided to get back into the Car Audio industry as it was always my love and passion so I decided to reinvent the HzEmall.com URL as my own online Resume` like I had so many years before. HzEmall is Tim Baillie, and it's my brand and in 2015 I am all about building my brand back up.

In 2015 I had the huge honor of being voted as one of the Top 50 Installers in North American by Mobile Electronics Magazine. This award know as " The Installer of the Year" or IOTY is one if not the most prestigious award a technician can win in this industry. It has been handed out for since as long as I have been involved in Car Audio which is about 25 years.

I sent in my submission video to ME Magazine and after rigorous voting I was voted as one of The Top 12 Installers. This was one of my last bucket list career items for me and one of the biggest.

2016 I was made the Top 50 Installers list and then in 2017 I was once again honored to make the Top 50 and then again the Top 12 Installer list in North America.